ETF Group imaginative engineering


ETF Group is active in design and manufacturing of machines for the floorcovering and non-woven industry, people movers and interactive dark rides, solar powered eco-friendly vehicles for passenger and goods transport through its 3 companies: ETF Machinefabriek B.V., ETF Ride Systems and ETF – SOIOS B.V

Furthermore ETF Group participates in Alterface Projects and Sellers Global Engineers and supports ETF-USA Corp. which is sales and service organisation for ETF machinery in USA.

ETF Machinefabriek B.V.

etf-imaginative-engineering.jpgETF Machinefabriek B.V. designs and manufactures machines for: inspection, cutting, rolling, packaging, transporting and sorting of a wide range of different floor coverings and non-wovens.

Machines are suitable for a multitude of utilizations and are designed to offer an all-in-one solution and customisation in other branches too.

ETF Ride Systems

etf-imaginative-engineering.jpgETF Ride Systems is specialist for people movers and interactive dark rides in the leisure industry. A broad range of ride concepts that can be experienced by the whole family: trackbound or trackless; on the ground, in the water, elevated or suspended, both indoor as outdoor.

All ride concepts have the flexibility to integrate specific requirements of f.e. amusement parks, musea or shopping malls. 


soios.pngETF - SOIOS develops, manufactures,
operates and sells innovative eco-friendly
electric-powered vehicles worldwide.
ETF- SOIOS is the number one player in the market for passenger and goods transport, which distinguishes itself with high quality solar powered vehicles.

Mobility solutions to any operation with specific requirements and applications are provided. ETF - SOIOS further advises Governments and businesses in the area of filling their mobility objectives and develops projects in the field of sustainable (inner city) mobility.

Alterface Projects S.A.

alterface.png Alterface Projects is a manufacturer of
interactive and media-based attractions across the world. The company is dedicated to the development of entertainment attractions and edutainment setups including interactivity between user and media or tangible content.

Alterface Projects systems are installed into museums, science centers and more importantly amusement parks.

Sellers Textiles Engineers Ltd

sellers.jpgSellers Textiles Engineers are world leaders
in the design and manufacture of finishing machinery for the carpet industry. Aim is to maintain and strengthen their reputation for manufacturing excellence within their established carpet finishing marketplace and develop the business utilizing core skills with particular reference to their unique design and building facility.

ETF - USA Corporation 

etf-imaginative-engineering.jpgContact for US customers of
ETF Machinefabriek for spare parts,
sales and service.

700 Glenwood Place
Dalton, GA, 30721-3357
United States
+1 (706) 278-1511